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What do I do if my car has hail damage?

  • If you notice dents on your car after a hail storm, take photos and contact your insurance company to file a claim. Next, schedule an appointment with PDR City today.

Can hail damage be repaired?

  • Yes! Our paintless dent removal process can repair hail damage on your vehicle WITHOUT having to repaint the car!

What is the average cost to repair hail damage on a car?

  • On average, the cost of repairs is approximately $2,500. However, this can vary GREATLY depending on the type of car you have and the size of your vehicle.

How much is paintless dent repair for hail damage?

  • If your paint hasn’t been affected, our process is typically very affordable. Depending on the size of the dents and number of dents, it is approximately $50-$100 per dent. Make sure you file an insurance claim and take advantage of our deductible assistance program!

How much does it cost to remove door dings?

  • It can range, depending on the size of the ding. It can range from $30-$80 to repair.
  • Call or text PDR City at 720-727-7727 to schedule a free damage assessment.

Does hail damage effect on car value?

  • Hail dents can lower the value of a vehicle during resale if you choose not to repair them.

Is hail damage covered by car insurance?

  • Yes! Hail damage is covered by comprehensive insurance coverage – given that you had the coverage purchased before the hail storm and the resulting damages.

Can small hail damage a car?

  • Yes, small hail can do damage to your car and at times can be hard to see!

Is it worth claiming hail damage to car?

  • Take into consideration how much it cost, how much your deductible is and how much your car is worth. If you’re unsure, call or text us to get a recommendation. Keep in mind that we have an insurance deductible assistance program as well!

Can you claim hail damage twice?

  • You certainly can. However, if you didn’t get the car repaired after filing the first claim – you will not receive a second check for the second round of damages. Your insurance company will take the amount they gave you for the first claim and subtract it from the amount needed to repair the second time.

Do insurance rates go up after hail damage?

  • Typically, no, as it is considered an “act of god”.

Do I have to pay a deductible for hail damage?

  • Many insurance companies require a deductible on a comprehensive insurance policy. Make sure to ask about our deductible assistance plan!

How much hail does it take to damage a car?

  • A short storm with small hail can damage your car! Every situation is unique.

Are hail dents covered by insurance?

  • Yes, they are!
  • Call or text PDR City at 720-727-7727 to schedule a free damage assessment.

How bad does hail damage have to be to write off a car?

  • If the amount it will cost to repair hail damage is greater than the value of your vehicle, they may do what is called a write-off.

Is my car totaled or repairable?

  • If the repair cost is close to the value of the car, or is greater than the value of the car – the insurance may total the car.
  • Call or text us at 720-727-7727 to schedule a free hail damage assessment.

Is it worth claiming on car insurance for a dent?

  • If the cost of repairing the dent is less than your deductible, you should not file an insurance claim.

How long after hail damage can you file a claim?

  • Most insurance companies don’t have a deadline, but it is advisable to file a claim within a month of the storm.
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